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This is just a quick note to say that the (two mini) didgeridoos arrived and we are delighted with them. The quality is superb. Not only that but we appreciated the fact that you wrapped them so well and they arrived in excellent condition. You have some very delighted customers and we shall be pleased to tell others about you. Thanks again. - Dr Cath Filmer- Davies, England, UK

Thank you for the wonderful didgeridoo, really nice, a great sound, exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you also to the artist for the good work. Many thanks for your attention and for your kindness friendly manner - Olivier Pinion, Marseille, France

Just received my didge today and I love it! Just wanted to write to thank you for all your help answering my questions and allaying my concerns. The didge is beautiful, and it's exactly as you described! I was nervous about purchasing such a unique instrument online without seeing it in person, but you answered all my questions and even provided me a picture of the exact didge I'd be purchasing. And just as importantly, you responded to my emails quickly every time! Thank you for your patience and your help. I look forward to enjoying my new didge for years to come. I'm sure I'll be at your website again knowing the way you treat your customers and deliver on your promises.- Evan Mellman, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

The didge bag and bell resin didge have arrived. The instrument is fantastic. The response to tongue movements, the volume, the resonance and the excellent back pressure for such a large bore is really incredible. And I really like the shape, the speed of play and the artwork. This instrument has really excellent volume. - Gardner A Kealoha, Hawaii, USA

The purple bell didge is the best didge I've gotten from you. Thanks a bunch. - David Adams, Illinois, USA

Yes, the beautiful didgeridoo has arrived few weeks ago, we love it. He had a fake didgeridoo made of bamboo. But this real one is so beautiful and actually heavy. It's sound is excellent. - Mieko Miura, Hyogo, Japan

Well it arrived ( the didgeridoo) and awesome would not even begin to describe it. It is huge, beautiful, and a masterpiece of Aboriginal Culture. The package did not even have a scuff mark on it and even the wax mouthpiece was perfect. Tell everyone involved at the warehouse thank you for making me such a wonderful didge. - Mike McKay, Illinois, USA

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I just received the Didgeridu I ordered a few weeks ago. It is very, very nice, and was completely worth the money and the wait to receive it. It's absolutely beautiful and the sound is wonderful, really great. I also received the video that came with the didge. I want to thank you again for such prompt and courteous service, and for such a high quality product, I'm very happy with my purchase.  -  Chad Anctil, Rhode Island, USA

"Wow! The didge arrived today and the carrying bag arrived last week. What a beautiful didgeridoo you selected for me. It does have a beautiful sound and an incredible paint job. The fish, kangaroo, and lizard look terrific with the wonderful blue background. I couldn't have asked for a nicer instrument. Thanks a lot.  -  Alan Pearson, Boise, Idaho, USA

Yes! I got it all. Video was great. I've gotten some great sounds out of it, (the didge) and I suspect I'll be needing another didge soon. :) Thanks for all the help and a great experience. As I'am sure you know by now I'm spreading the word. The didge got here in about 6 days. - Mark Farley, Oregon, USA.

The vase looks great in my room , the colours are perfect. Thanks so much. Wonderful treasures from Australia. I appreciate this wonderful transaction with you. - Debra Neiman, Louisiana, USA.

It (the didge) is absolutely beautiful ! ! ! I'm in awe of it. As will A.D. He has not seen it yet but will tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me and the time you took to choose such a wonderful instrument. I will be back in touch for the other two items. You can be proud of your heritage for producing such wonderful pieces of truly magnificent art for others to enjoy. - Betty Jo Whitehead, Tennessee, USA.

It was like having the best Christmas I've ever had. It (the didgeridoo) looks absolutely amazing. It looks like a Rusty Red from a far but when you look close you can see red, purple and blues mixed in. I LOVE IT!!! By the way it doesn't just look good, but sounds amazing too. - David Shaw, Ontario Canada

We received our aboriginal pottery about 2-3 weeks ago and we LOVE it!!!! The four pieces that we got certainly exceeded our expectations. You guys did an outstanding job putting it together! Thank you very much! - Elena and Mike, Playas, New Mexico USA

I received all the items (2 didges and vase) in good condition. I am very satisfied and am looking to do business with in the future. -  Janus de Cunae, Brooklyn, New York USA.

They are BEAUTIFUL! The sound quality was just what I was hoping for. I am, at the very least, most completely satisfied with both of the instruments you selected for me and the wonderful level of service I was afforded. You were quite completely correct in sending the X-large one with only partial coverage. The art work is wonderful and the fine wood which has been left visible makes this instrument an instant favourite. I know I asked for a blue Didge but the incredible blue one you sent was beyond my expectations. My wife thinks it is so beautiful she wants to display it in a place of honour on a wall when not being used. - T Jones, Kansas City, USA

In fact the didge came earlier today. WOW, it was beautiful. Send Christine my regards and thanks for a gorgeous job. I'd just like to thank you for all your help. -  Jan Wu, Ontario, Canada

I received the pottery and koala today. I liked both of them very much. The koala and baby are a good quality plush toy. The pottery is gorgeous. Thanks for sending me such good quality items. I can always trust you to send me the best. - Fayvette Switzer,  Florida, USA

The didge arrived today and it is magnificent! Also the sound is precisely what I had hoped it would be. Thanks so much for all your personal attention. -  Warren Williams, Swansea, Wales

Once again thank you for your e-mail. I can now tell you that my didjeridoo has arrived and that I am very satisfied with the choice and let me at the same time tell you that I'm also very happy and satisfied with the communication and follow up from your side, so you haven't heard the last from me. Kindly regards, a very happy. - Michael Hochloff, Skibby, Denmark

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