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Australian Bush Melodies - Lazy Harry


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All these melodies are arranged and performed by Lazy Harry. "Edward Kelly" is his own composition. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of his Alex Steinback grand piano, his hand-made acoustic guitar, the accordion, harmonica and the mandolin.

Tracks on this CD 

  1. Waltzing Matilda - a beautiful performance of our national melody and known throught the world as Australia's signature tune. It was sung by the Diggers at Gallipoli and now at every place where Aussies gather.
  2. Morton Bay - This haunting melody (one of Australia's oldest tunes) is a convict lament of unsurpassed beauty.
  3. Wild Colonial Boy - Deeply ingrained in Australia's history, this melody is a celebration of the romantic myth of the daring highwaymen.
  4. Overlanders - The slow steady work of the bullock teams and the drover's lonely life on the dusty road are beautifully portrayed in this traditional melody.
  5. Botany Bay - This could well be Australia's first melody.  A hopeful sea shanty which came with the First Fleet in 1788.  Here you can feel the roll of the ocean and the wind in the white sails.
  6. Edward Kelly - This tune is a tribute to Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous outlaw.  Beneath the mask he is a thinker and a victim of his times.
  7. Click Go The Shears - It was once said that Australia grew up on the sheep's back.  This melody inspires thoughts of the shearers, the intense heat, the back-breaking work and the old Australia long since gone.
  8. Dying Stockmen - This beautiful lament is a heart-felt tribute to the land and a stockman's last wish to become part of the bush forever.
  9. Advance Australia Fair - Australia's National Anthem.  This tune calls on Australians to be generous and to joyfully share this great Commonwealth.

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