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A selection of handcrafted Australian made puzzles and games that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

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    Horseshoe Puzzle Metal (Medium)
    Objective - remove the ring from the two horseshoes

    $23.65 inc GST

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    Patience Puzzle (Gangnail 6)
    Objective - remove the shuttle from the six nails.

    $24.75 inc GST

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    Double Bypass Puzzle
    Objective - remove the heart from the two D-shaped pieces

    $24.75 inc GST

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    Hard Yacka Puzzle
    Objective - remove the shuttle from the chain

    $24.75 inc GST

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    Gordian Knot Puzzle
    Objective - remove the rope from the metal and wood piece.

    $17.05 inc GST

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    Pioneer 5 Nail Puzzle Assortment

    The Pioneer 5 Nail Puzzle Assortment includes the "Builders Nightmare" Nail Puzzle at the left plus the four nail puzzles below. Solve the puzzles by separating the nails.

    "E Nails"
    Nail Puzzle

    "Locked Nails"
    Nail Puzzle

    "Nail Twister"
    Nail Puzzle

    "Z Nail"
    Nail Puzzle

    $38.50 inc GST has customers in: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA (including Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, England, Ireland, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Martinique and more........

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