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Unsolicited testimonials sent to us from satisfied customers. Customers whose comments appear below have agreed to their testimonials appearing on this page.

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Our Teddy Bear (Aussie Bear) arrived yesterday and is perfect! I may have told you earlier that this is for our 6-month-old granddaughter. While she will not recall us giving it to her, she will never recall NOT having it. My wife had goose bumps when she picked it up and held it. Thank you for a quality product. - Wayne Ivie, Bryan, Texas, USA

When David (Aussie Bear - honey beige) arrived in my home, I felt my "family" was almost complete. I had wanted to name my first son David, but his father had his heart set on another name. Then that same son, many years later,  gifted me with the bear, I was free to name him David. He became my companion, sitting in my lift chair (I am disabled) with me. His soft fur and bright eyes, leather foot pads and bright ribbon - the perfect final touch - all put together, provided an appealing companion. And the soft-firm stuffing is perfect for hugging when I need comforting. With sight failing, and hearing dulled somewhat, touch had become my favored avenue of connection. With the loss of so many of my physical abilities, and becoming more disabled every day, I found myself becoming increasingly isolated from those who could, and would, get together and enjoy each other's company, leaving me out because it's such a bother to deal with someone in a wheelchair. But, with David sitting beside me in my lift chair, I had a listener. I hug him when I hurt, sometimes cry on him for a few minutes, then thank him, and you, feeling connected again. Later, when my ivory Hugum (flat sheepskin bear) arrived, she totally completed my "family". She lives on my bed, and when I'm there, I stroke her soft non-polyester fur, and find this so comforting. I feel warm and she feels fuzzy, and what is more comforting than a fuzzy bear? The feeling helps me empty my mind and prepare for sleep, which is difficult for me, as I have a severe sleep disorder. I can't thank Carol and Laurie Exton enough for their personal attention, and their close=to=nature products. My life is better because of both. - Ruth Darcy, Michigan, USA

TOTALLY love them (hugums), my little girl has not let hers out of her site. My brother cracked up when he arrived and saw his sons cot set up complete with hugum and my girlfriends one is enroute to her as I speak. She had a little boy last weekend. Thanks so much!! I'll be Back! - Tracy Little, Auckland, New Zealand

The wombat (soft toy) came within 3 days! He is very cute and just was nice as we hoped he would be from his picture (or 'her', we haven't decided yet). Also, thank you for the professional packing and service which ensured it arrived safely and so quickly, you have been most inpressive. Thank you, too, for the marvellous extra 'present' of the 'Ayers Rock' drinks mat - what a smashing surprise! - Colin Menage, Dartmouth, England

Received Hugums and they are gorgeous. Ailsa very happy and a bit surprised! Her old Hugum is now lovely and clean! My friend also loved the one I gave to her baby. Thanks for your help and your prompt dispatch. - Alex Gibbons, London, England

The camel (soft toy) arrived safely yesterday afternoon in plenty of time.He is cute as you said and I want to keep him here in my home. Hope my daughter likes him too. - Bronwen Dodson, Tasmania, Australia

The Tassie Tiger arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you very much. I must also commend you on your customer service and keeping me informed throughout the entire time. - Bronson Nagareda, West Melbourne, Florida, USA

Oh it is Beautiful, my Buddy Kangaroo arrived safely, Thank you very much. It is so Beautiful. I JUST LOVE IT. Thank you very much for Asking. I hope I hear from you again. Best Wishes Have a Wonderful Day - Margaret Schowtucha, Nurnberg, West Germany.

I was delighted to receive my wombat when I returned from work last night, less than a week after I placed the order. It was even better than I had expected, and your communications have reassured me throughout the anxious waiting period. This has been hands down my best online shopping experience, I wish you and everyone at Exton all the best. You can be sure I will be visiting again soon. Thank you. - Carsen Kline, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Yes the bushmates did arrive safely. They are so cute and I am really happy with them. They arrived so quickly too. I found the entire process excellent, so thankyou very much. - Brooke Meehan, Kilburn, England

The (soft) toys arrived unbelievable fast! We were shocked to receive them less than a week after we placed the order. They are so adorable too. My children are thrilled with their new wombat and penguin. They have been sleeping with them every night since their arrival. I have been meaning to leave positive feedback on your website but being a mother of 3 small children I am always very busy and sometimes things take me a little longer to do. I am so pleased with the stuffed toys and the quick and smooth transaction. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks again for everything. - Kim Schlatterer, Tampa, Florida, USA

I received my large wombat yesterday evening. It was everything I had hoped for, soft, cuddly, and absolutely adorable. I have been looking for a soft toy wombat for a couple of years now, so I was very happy to stumble across your website and find such a wonderful wombat. Thank you very much! - Susan Mackenthun, Vallejo, California, USA

I want to thank you for sending the koala bear so quickly and in such perfect condition.  It arrived in this afternoon's mail - just a week after you sent it from Australia.  Because of your superb service, I will recommend your company to all my family and friends.  It is rare today to get items delivered so quickly at a reasonable cost from such a distant place. - Myles Gatterman, Somerset, Massachusetts, USA

Yes, the wombat has arrived. It's really nice - definitely soft enough, and well made into the bargin. - Muriel Combroux, Brisbane, Queenlsand, Australia.

Just thought I would let you know I received the possums (soft toys) yesterday which must break all records. Would recommend your service to anybody. I don't know how long you have been in business but you certainly deserve to succeed. - Kevan Gilbert, West Midlands, England

Yes, the wombat arrived safely, in excellent condition, and a fine wombat it is. My bank account was charged for the package the same day I picked it up at my local post office. I must really thank you for taking special considerations, and I can heartily recommend you, should I ever talk with someone with an acute need for a stuffed wombat (or other Australian animal for that matter) :) - Balder Mork, Oslo, Norway

Oh, please do! I'm happy to help out in whatever way I can. You folks do an excellent job. You're polite and friendly, with excellent shipping rates and times and wonderful products--and you can tell people I said -that-, too! - Kendra Swope, Austin, TX, USA

It's absolutely adorable and the recipient loves it. We searched long and hard for a stuffed emu and are very happy with what we got. Thank you very much, and keep up the great work! - Kendra Swope, Austin, TX, USA

Yes. It arrived in time for the birthday - it was a gift (only took about a week). It's a real cutie and it will be well loved in it's new home. Thanks for checking and also for making such a nice product. - Richard Frank, Castro Valley, California, USA

The holiday is starting off wonderfully--the platypus arrived today. He (or it) is adorable and was worth the wait. I couldn't be happier. The echidna coaster is wonderful. Thanks so very much. What an interesting looking creature!! I have been so impressed with the level of service your company provides and genuine interest you have in pleasing your customers (very rare, indeed, here in the U.S.). I shall certainly place additional orders in the future. - Judi Miller, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Thankyou for enquiring if my Aussie Bear arrived safely, yes he did arrive safely and he is so cute and cuddly that I am going to have a problem when my daughter and grand-daughter, who is almost two, come visiting Saturday week, I'll have to check their luggage when they leave. - Margaret Davidson, Braidwood, NSW, Australia

Plush toys (especially the small echidna) are beautiful, and I'm very happy to keep in touch with you for my gifts. Thank you (besides) for the interest you put in this circumstance: it was very comforting. I'm sure I'll purchase many other merchandise by you and your wonderful country.  - Carlo Magno, Milano, Italy

I received my order today. The plush penguin and wooden fairy penguin are just great. I love them both, and thank you for including a koala coaster, also. Your prompt and courteous service is much appreciated. Thanks and best wishes. - Joyce, Newnan, Georgia, USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful treasures from Australia. I love all the stuffies (soft toys). I appreciate this wonderful transaction with you. - Debra Neiman, Louisiana USA

Yes . . thank you very much . . . it (the platypus) arrived and is very cute and cuddly . . . . . the person I am giving it to will enjoy it very much I am sure . . . . John, California, USA

Just thought I'd drop you a note to thank you for all the attention to my order. Brooke really loves the bear. I would recommend any of your services to anybody as the personal attention and details left me no worries even though I was making a purchase across the world. Best of luck with your business and I hope we can one day do business again. Much appreciation.  - Malcolm B Mersereau - Toronto, Canada.

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