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A wonderful collection of  CD's and DVD's about Australia and Australian culture.  Some of the well known artists include Chris Adnam, David Hudson, Ash Dargan and the Snake Gully band, The type of music covers traditional aboriginal, Australian folk, sounds of the Australian bush and more. 

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Australian Songs & Music & Other CD's

Australian Songs by Lazy Harry Favourite Australian Songs Sung by Lazy Harry
Meet a True Blue Aussie who gave away teaching about Australia to sing about it and has never looked back.  He is Beechworth's Lazy Harry (alias Mark Stephens) - a lover of singing Australian songs about this wide brown land.  A born entertainer, his blend of music and typical Aussie humour with its attacks on pretension, is as Australian as meat pies and Holden cars.
Australian Songs by various artists Favourite Australian Songs Sung by Various Australian Artists
CD's featuring Australian songs and music by various artists from around Australia. Old favourites such as Waltzing Matilda, Click go the Shears, Botany Bay, The Drovers Dream, The Wild Colonial Boy, Along the Road to Gundagai, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport and many more are included on this selection of CD's
Didgeridoo music by David Hudson Didgeridoo Music
A collection CD's by various artists including David Hudson, Chris Adnam, and Ash Dargan who demonstrate the their skill and versatility on the didgeridoo, the oldest wind instruments in the world. These CD's include traditional didgeridoo music and contemporary didgeridoo music accompanied by modern instruments.
Sounds from the Australian bush Sounds From The Australian Bush
Experience the amazing bush sound as you are taken on a journey around Australia. From the desert to the rainforest, the mallee to the mangroves, the mountain to the sea these CD's capture the timeless ambience of Australia. Hear the wonderful songs of birds, listen to the choruses of frogs and marvel at the incredible call of possums, dingoes and goannas.

Video DVD's 

Making and playing the didgeridoo Making & Playing the Didgeridoo by David Hudson (Video DVD)
In this video production, David Hudson takes us to the exotic Cape York in Australia's far north to show us how he selects a tree, strips and paints the didgeridoo. He then presents his virtuso method of playing the didgeridoo, the oldest wind instrument in the world.
Australian history by Lazy Harry Australian History DVD's by Lazy Harry
These two DVD's by Lazy Harry describe an important part of Australian history and folklore using song and narration combined with a powerpoint slide presentation. The Eureka Stockade had a profound effect on Australian political history and the Ned Kelly gang has become a part of Australian Folklore.

Australian Songs & Music - Lazy Harry

Australian Songs & Music - Other Artists

Didgeridoo Music

Sounds FromThe Australian Bush

David Hudson Making & Playing Didgeridoo Video

Australian History DVD's by Lazy Harry

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