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Unsolicited testimonials sent to us from satisfied customers. Customers whose comments appear below have agreed to their testimonials appearing on this page.

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Thank you for the speedy delivery of my (wool thermal underwear) order. It was just what I needed. The price and fit was very good. - John Fowler, Tasmania, Australia

Received my thermals today, thank you very much for your prompt service. The thermals fit comfortably and are just what I was looking for. I wish to express my thanks for your service and say I would be happy to use exton again and recommend you to others. - Dianne Griffin, NSW, Australia

Our thermals (wool thermal underwear) & (wool) socks were WONDERFUL in fact even though we experienced -16 in Switzerland we were very cosy - Chris H, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Thank you. I have tried every brand of merino base layer (wool thermal underwear) that I can find. Yours are superior. - Richard Hamlin, Newark, California, USA

I've just received my order and let me tell you, it's wonderful underwear. I'll tell all my friends. - Eugenia Tverdokhlebova, New Jersey, USA

The scarves have arrived in good time and are really beautiful and better even than I expected.  The colour combinations are superb and I look forward to purchasing more in due course and hopefully treating myself to one.  Congratulations to Euan and sincere thanks to you both. - Roxalanne Wisbey, Canberra, Australia

Boys .....  I highly recommend this firm and it’s line of 100% Aussie Merino under-clobber.  I’m now the proud owner of a full set of fine wool thermals + singlets + socks.  The socks have nylon in them, the other stuff is 100% wool.  Wore the long socks today and a wool singlet and was snug as a bug in a rug.- Gary Fisher, Sydney, NSW, Australia

CUSHION-ITS CAN’T BE BEAT - Here in the U.S. people with disabilities who spend long hours either sitting or lying in the same place believe that the best seating systems are either the gel-type or air-type. The Australian made Cushion-Its are better than either!
The gel cushions, though they cushion and protect in some ways, do not breathe, and are too hard, though they are usually softer than the surface they are cushioning. And they range in price from $60 for a small cushion to hundreds for a larger and/or thicker one. The air cushions – mine cost $500 – though very cushioning, do not breathe either as they are made of rubber, either real or synthetic.
So the Cushion-Its, made of dense sheepskin fibers, beat them both, for comfort, and for breathability, which is important when you sit on them or against them for most of the day and night.
I ordered two of them and found them instantly more satisfying for my needs than either of the other choices here in this country. I have used both.
The first I placed on the seat of my worn out lift chair, and I sank into it with great relief. It immediately allowed my derriere to heal from the soreness that had developed, despite a regular medical sheepskin and latex foam pad. The pressure points just disappeared! I no longer have to worry about developing pressure ulcers.
The second I strapped to the back of my power wheelchair, which is made of steel! It has a thin, cheap foam pad on it, but that did very little to keep my twisted spine from hitting bottom when I tipped my chair back to rest, while waiting for rides, appointments, and that sort of thing. The first time I rested against the Cushion-It, my body said, Ahhhh! It was like being tucked up in bed, and there was no over heating, or sweating against the surface my spine was resting upon.
I can think of no better way to cushion an aching body, afflicted with arthritis, fibromyalgia and polyneuropathy! In fact, even if I were not afflicted with anything, I would truly enjoy the comfort of Cushion-Its. They can’t be beaten for the overall comfort they provide! Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful inventions! - Ruth E Darcy, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

I'd like to sincerely thank you for the lovely (lambswool) baby rugs you sent through recently. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the boxes! They're PERFECT for putting on the change table and as a play rug on the floor. I gave one to each of my friends who are due to deliver their babies soon, and I kept one for myself. - Jo Ward, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Thanks so much for the (wool) socks, I received them today already. They are for my dad for his birthday, and I'm sure he will love them. He usually wears Explorer socks, but wanted some similar but that were Australian made and owned. I did a search on the internet, and came across your site, which is great. These are just what I was looking for. - Tamara Spargo, Victoria, Australia

Thank you I will check them out.  As for the thermals, I just got back from my trek through the Indian Himalayas and the Merino Skins thermals were perfect.  I remained warm all night, even through very cold and windy conditions.  The product is highly recommended. - Louise Hartin, NSW, Australia

Yes thank you. Arrived safely (wool thermal underwear) It was all perfect. We haven't had a night sleeping without it. Our son who is 16 months occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night but goes back to sleep thanks to the thermals. You will no doubt hear from us again. - Melissa Norman, NSW, Australia

We received the (thermofleece wool) undershirt last week and my son has barely taken it off since then, its so warm and comfortable.  Thanks for such a great product at such a fair price.  My older son is going on a ski trip soon, and I will be ordering some merino underwear for him too. Many thanks - Sarah Harvey, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Received thermal underwear as ordered, have not been this warm since last summer, Many Thanks, - Scott Hulme, Victoria, Australia

I found your company with a Google search. The Merino Skins (thermal underwear) are fabulous for cycling in hot, HUMID Chicago summer weather. Cheers - Fredrick Hocking, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I also love the (Newstead woollen) scarf. It's so beautiful I want to put it on display with the great quilts my Mom made for me. The red is even richer than on your website and this is top quality, thick and soft. I'm delighted once more. You really deserve your title of distributors of QUALITY Australian products. - Cate VF, Malibu, California, USA

I received the (woollen) socks today! For the last few days, I've been conscious of how cold my feet have been at home at night, even while wearing my regular cotton socks. I'm now wearing your woollen socks, and my feet aren't freezing anymore! The socks are nice and soft and thick, and I'm glad I'll have them to get me through this harsh Winter. I'm sure your business is booming this season! Keep up the great work. Cheers! - Jake, Sydney, Australia

Received the Merino Skins (wool thermal underwear) yesterday. My daughter was wrapped as they were a lot better than she had expected. The comment was "they don't itch Mum". - Tracy Gray, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

The (Thermo Fleece) long johns that I bought from you were one of the best purchases I'd made in recent memory. I literally wear then all the time, every day and can't imagine enduring another winter without them. Looking forward to receiving the (Thermo Fleece) t-shirt - Jake, Sydney, Australia

I received the "warm and fuzzy" (wool Thermo Fleece) spencer today ... thanks so much for the speedy delivery. I put it on straight away and it feels so cosy. I might mention too that I am a larger lady (size 24 and more) and the size 24 fits me generously with still ample room plus it goes right down covering my bottom. Thank you for this beautiful garment - I just love this spencer. - Marlene Shuetrim, Sydney, Australia.

Australia Post has matched your efficiency as the (wool Thermofleece) underwear arrived yesterday and is now being put to most effective use (13.3 outside). Excellent fit and very comfortable. In appreciation of your excellent service and product. - Nicholas Fothergill, Victoria, Australia

Yes, all the undies (wool ThermoFleece underwear) turned up fine and we love them......they really do the job. Thanks - Wendy Dickson, York, WA, Australia

Minus two degrees here this morning. The thermals (Thermo Fleece Wool Underwear) are so comfy and warm that I can survive winter, even with my arthritis, in comfort. - Liz Kitto, NSW, Australia.

Hi, got the order last Friday. My daughter loves the singlets (Thermofleece Wool Longsleeve Undershirt), wont take them of! not itchy. Thanks, will tell the other mums at school your web address. - Angela Pertsinidis, NSW, Australia.

I just wanted to let you know that I rec'd the sheepskin (pet bed) this week and my dog absolutely loves it. It's bigger than she is so the Large Lab mix pup will be able to lay on it too. He just has to learn that it isn't a toy! Thanks for the quick shipment and thanks for the quality product. - Linda Rider, Washington, USA

The (Thermofleece wool) undershirt is wonderfully soft and very comfortable as well as being warm. I am certain it will not be the last garment we purchase from you. - Blair Tweten, British Colombia, Canada

The order came very promptly! I love the wool thermal underwear so much you will see I placed another order. Your product is much better than other wool underwear I have gotten from other sources. It gets very cold here in Idaho Falls and I can only stay warm wearing many layers of wool.I wear these wool under garments all the time! - Barbara Broomfield, Idaho, USA

The size is perfect and the quality is every bit as good as we expected. I will be ordering some (wool thermal underwear) myself in the next couple of weeks as the winters around here can be bitter. - Anna Holroyd, Manchester, England

Merino skins (thermal underwear) arrived OK. They are very comfortable, especially the tops with the zip and collar. Great to be able to buy gear like this that is not made in China or India. - Graeme McCrudden, Lake Illawarra, NSW, Australia

I am very pleased. I ordered them (Merino Skins underwear) for motor-cycling as my knees suffer but I have worn them quite a lot during the current cold snap both during riding and normal wear and they're very comfortable and keep out the cold. - Larry Rice, Guilford, WA, Australia.

Many thanks. I received the second (Thermofleece) vest this morning. They are great. I have sensitive skin and there is no irritation at all and so soft and cosy. - Jane Ferris, Woodford, Queensland, Australia

The peace of mind that your product (wool thermal underwear) has brought to us and the protection from the cold with the added comfort it has given him (the writer's father) is priceless. - Paul Meehan, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Yes, the thermal gear arrived, and I put it on immediately! It fits nicely and I just love it. I have had ski-type underwear before, with bright colours and stripes, and it's so lovely to have something that looks so feminine - the little bit of lace around the ankle of the long-johns is especially cute. Many thanks. - Leanne White, Bundeena, NSW, Australia.

Yes thank you! The timing was perfect, just as the nights started to get cold. I have passed on your card and e-mail address to a friend at work who wants one too.Thanks for the prompt and friendly service and a great product. - Cathy Russell, Toombul, Queensland, Australia.
(The above comment was received upon our enquiry if the Sheepskin Pet Bed Liners had been received)

My mother has received the (Thermofleece) underwear and is extremely happy with the garments. We will be contacting you in future to order more. Once again thank you for all your help. - Maria Savoca, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thanks--YES, the Merino Skins (wool sports thermal underwear) are TERRIFIC! I am completely satisfied with them and have been telling all my friends how great they are. Believe it or not, I even sleep in them. Thanks for such great products and service! - Susan Carson, Dallas, Texas, USA

I just got the (Wool Thermofleece) singlets two days ago and I just wanted to thank you, I am wearing one right now and it is just so comfortable. I will be taking them down to the desert at the end of the month when I gobackpacking and doing photography to keep me comfortable. Back to the dark room. Thanks again, - Juan Laden, Wyoming, USA

 THEY HAVE ARRIVED .... (Thermo Fleece Wool Underwear) .. my Mom will be snuggy due to these wonderful shirts. England's Mark and Spencer, France's Dimat could not compare to the comfort and warmth of these Aussie undershirts as we call them here ... Wonderful and thanks again. - Monique Pullyblank, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I scoured the Internet for Merino wool vests that were both pretty, feminine, warm and made of the finest wool.  The only source I could find was from across the world in Australia.  I have placed two orders and am very very pleased with the quality and price.  Delivery was prompt and the staff courteous.  Excellent service and goods! - Teresa Ash, Essex, England.

The thermal underwear arrived and is wonderful - it fits well and is unbelievably warm. Thank you for your follow up. - Colin Johnson, Willaura, Victoria, Australia

It's great. When I don't wear it I feel naked and cold. I had been getting cramps and sore legs before I started to use the Thermo Fleece underwear. - Richard Tromp, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia

Have received Merino Skins (wool sports underwear). They are a great fit as per your sizing chart. I tried them out yesterday on a really cold day for motorcycle riding, and they worked really great. Just the thing I have been looking for. Thanks for the great service and a great product.- Ivan Simmons, Windang, NSW, Australia

The thermals (wool thermal underwear) arrived and just in time as we are getting minus readings here. My dear one loves them and they fit her perfectly. I never would have considered thermal undies sexy but with their frills these are an exception. I feel left out in the cold so shall order a set for self. We thank you for your concern as to the product and can assure you that we are completely satisfied. They have now been washed twice and show no shrinkage.- Bill Campbell, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

The fit is fine and the product (wool thermal underwear) does the job well. I use it for riding a motorbike. - Frank Gaukroger, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

We picked up our parcel (wool thermal underwear) yesterday. Thanks for the excellent service. Dad is tickled pink and we are both very impressed with the quality of the garment. I hadn't anticipated it would be so fine... and double knit!!!!... what a bonus!!! - Fran Luke, Tamworth, NSW, Australia

I received the last package with all eight items (thermal wool underwear) safely. We are happy because the winter is still strong. All Australian underwear for this condition is very good and comfortable. No snow can hurt us now. - Ryszard Makowski, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Yes, the (medical) sheepskin arrived safely within a few days of the order.  My wife is confined to bed  after breaking a vertebra in her back, and finds it very comfortable and soft to lie on.  I was worried that she might develop bedsores in hospital as she has been in this position now for four weeks with two more to go, but there is no sign of any soreness at all.  When she is recovered, I'll give the sheepskin to my mother to sit on, so it'll continue to be of service. - John Jackson, Herts, England

Yes, I received the (wool thermal) undershirts on the 16th December. As before, they are exactly what I desired. Our temperatures here are running around 0 deg C. That brings me to four wool undershirts - all warm, comfortable, and a pleasure to wear. My wife is extremely pleased - your undershirts are machine washable and dry rapidly. So her workload is lighter because of the undershirts. Enjoy your summer - Randal Carter, North Carolina, USA

Love my (wool thermal) vest!! We've had below zero weather for 9 days and have been wearing it every day. Next year I'll get the long johns. - Mary Flint, Maine, USA 

Just to let you know the lambskin arrived yesterday and I love it! Baby does too - she slept well on it last night. Thanks for all your help. If any of my friends are looking for lambskins I will be sure to recommend your services. - Rachael Davies, Holsworthy, NSW, Australia

I got the thermal long time ago, they are well fit and very warm, perfect for winter in New York, like today it's a must wear, temperature falls in below 5F - Cuc Huynh, Rochester, New York, USA

I have been meaning to email you for months about my March 2002 Infant Sheepskin blanket order.  It arrived safely, was well packaged and the quality was fantastic. It was also a raving success!!!! Both the new baby and mother love it.  Kai uses it constantly!!!! Thank you so much for your prompt service and wonderful product.  I plan to recommend your products to all my friends!!!!! - Karin Schwab, Newcastle, California, USA

Yes it (green medical sheepskin} has arrived in record time and I am very pleased with it. Thank you. - Marianne Haynes, Syracuse, New York, USA

Hi , I LOVE my new pillow. What a great idea. Also thanks for the coaster. - Nancy Balash, USA

The undershirt (wool Thermofleece vest) came on Tuesday and it fits PERFECTLY, not too tight, Kristy wore it yesterday (while it was bitterly cold down here) and she said that she felt nice and cozy!! - Monica Rabar, Yinnar, Victoria, Australia

I just had to write and tell you that Daisy Bulldog absolutely adores her lambswool.  We now have one for her in her kennel and one for her inside the house on top of her mat.  Now she won't go on her mat unless the lambswool is on it.  She might be spoilt, but that's what pets are for, isn't it!? - Trinette McClimont, Ormond, Victoria, Australia

Everything arrived safe and sound. Our 11-month old has shown renewed interest in taking naps since his (Infantcare) lambskin arrived; our 8-year old is using her wombat for a school project, and the kangastak is a hit with all. Thanks for everything. - John Forney, Hopkinton, New Hampshire, USA

We got the "flat bear" and Sam loves it. There's nothing cuter than a baby and lambswool - - natural and beautiful. I showed it to the pregnant friend I ordered the lambskin for (it hasn't arrived yet) and she's planning to place an order with you. We think these are PERFECT baby gifts. (Later after the infantcare lambskin had arrived) Yes it did and it's just perfect. - LeAnne Stow, Overland Park, Kansas USA

I had such a restful nights sleep last evening. I not only had my new pillows on the bed, but also the underquilt, it arrived yesterday. I didn't even wake up this morning until 7 am which is late for me. It was wonderful. I don't how I survived without one for so long. - Margaret Hall, Clermont, Florida, USA

I got the thermal underwear just fine. I ordered them a tad large in case of any shrinkage on the part of the fabric, or the opposite in the case of myself, but they fit just fine and don't itch. I especially like how long the shirt is so you can tuck it in firmly. They are quite warm. The first day I tried them I had to turn the heat down in my apartment. - Nick Damato, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Hi Carol - The pillow (Original Wool Health Pillow) arrived last Friday in perfect condition. It was a little high for me but I took a little bit out (pillow has a zip to allow the removal of some filling so height can be adjusted to suit personal preferences) and sleeping like a baby now. We have highly recommended your pillow to our friends.- Denis Felstead, Queensland, Australia

Hi Carol - Last night was the first night with our new wool doona and it was wonderful! It was cozy and the perfect temperature all night! Both my husb and I really love it! For both of us one of the things we really appreciated is that it doesn't move around and get all twisted and bunched up in places. It is a cinch to make up in the morning, no down to fluff and get all over the place. My husband teased that he didn't have to keep pulling the covers away from me-ha! It feels warm right away and I was never too hot. I absolutely love and appreciate wool in a whole new way. It is a wonderful, natural fiber. I don't know where around here that I could find this product with the quality and price that you have on line at Exton. It is well worth it, even taking in consideration the shipping costs. - Lisa Heiner, Washington State, USA  

We received the (wool) doona this weekend and it is lovely. I have given you web address to others and let them know how pleased I am. - Earlene Benefield, Washington, USA

It (wool/microfibre pillow) arrived 2 days ago. I like it very much. I get good dreams on it. I'll be looking at your web site soon to see what other goodies I should buy. - Kathleen Farrell, California, USA

Enjoying my pillow. I think it's true --- I have been getting better sleep just as my friend claimed - Gray Ponti, California, USA.

Yes the long pants (wool Long Johns) arrived in perfect condition. I am really happy with them. I have been so uncharacteristically cold this winter and it feels so good to be warmer. - Lisa Heiner, Washington State, USA

Hi Carol - just got back from Idaho and our wool shirts (Thermofleece underwear) had come, I think my husbands favourite is the button ones but they are all great, a much better quality than our last ones bought here in the States. - Pauline Aldridge, Seattle, WA, USA

My short sleeve (wool) spencer arrived last week and I am very happy with the style and fit.- Karen Wilson, Queensland, Australia.

We received our package this past Saturday and I just had to let you know how thrilled we are with our pillows!!. My husband has never slept so well in the entire 10 years we've been married! He has always had to get up in the middle of the night and change the pillowcase because he sweats so much. He is so happy because he now stays cool and sleeps quietly through the night. The Tee shirts and lambskin are absolutely perfect , too! Thank you. - Renee Nakata, Los Angeles, California, USA  

Yes !! It's here, (wool quilt) and we have one very happy (and warm) little girl!! It's actually much nicer than the one we bought while we lived in Australia. - Linda Reinbold, Alberta, Canada.

It (wool quilt and underblanket) arrived about a week ago. The blanket (wool quilt) is so nice and warm---much warmer than down, and it seems to breathe. Thank you again.- Paula Gelatt, Wisconsin, USA

The wool quilt arrived and is now on our bed. It is delightful. - Mariana Quarnstrom, Seattle, WA, USA

Your doonas (quilts/comforters) of natural wool and cotton put the "cloud-like" comfort back into bedding and are both hypoallergenic and beautiful. The workmanship is a good deal better than similarly-priced products in the States. I would certainly feel comfortable recommending your doonas. - C.P., Vancouver, WA, USA

Thank you so much for the superior service and excellent merchandise. I'm enjoying the pillow very much -- it feels so luxurious. I let my husband try it for the first time yesterday and I nearly didn't get it back! As I have a bit of a reputation about being picky about pillows, he thinks that I will soon find this one uncomfortable and then he can have it -- but I wouldn't be so sure if I were him -- this pillow will be mine for a long time I think. - Susanna Hapgood, Michigan, USA

Funny I should get an email from you today--as I put my head on my wonderful pillow last night I thought I should email you that they had arrived and how much I like them. They are wonderful and I love the fact that the "outside" can be removed and machine washed. Another great product! - Christine Barbuto, Massachussets, USA

Yes it (wool underwear) has arrived, and it is wonderful. Thank you! - Robert R. Goldman, Edgewater, Maryland, USA

" . . . . . . . these are terrific garments, well made and great fabrics. Exactly what I was looking for. We have used them on a number of rather frigid (bike) rides around here, and they are really more than satisfactory." - Julia Russell, Park Ridge, New Jersey, USA

Hi Carol - just got back from Idaho and our wool shirts (Thermofleece underwear) had come, I think my husbands favourite is the button ones but they are all great, a much better quality than our last ones bought here in the States. - Pauline Aldridge, Seattle, WA, USA

Thank you for your note. We did get the pillows and we love them. - Catherine Hodges, South Carolina, USA

My quilt arrived only 1 week after the order was placed. At first I was surprised because it was thinner than I had expected but after trying it I can't tell you how pleased I am with it! Thanks also for all the personal touches. - Tamra Giffin, Boulder, Colorado, USA

The bedding (underblanket, quilt, pillows and quilt cover) is wonderful! I'm adapting well to new feels and it's like crawling inside the womb again to slide into this Aussie bedding. I used to sleep for two hours at a time, and now I'm sleeping for five most nights. I've really had some good quality sleep since I bought all this stuff. The pillows take some getting used to, but they're firm enough for me to sleep on my side, so they work well. - Bill Steck, Long Beach, California USA

I bought a wool filled quilt last year (from I tended to sleep with 5-6 blankets during the winter. All last winter I was warm enough with just the doona and a light down quilt. I love the doona and am so glad I found you. There are really few products that get me quite as excited but I had been looking for a wool filled quilt for years - they are impossible to find here in the states, but I grew up with them so they must have been more available when I was a child. It's too bad more U.S.ers' don't know about them. - Mia Morosoff, New York, USA

The wool bedding has arrived and I am very happy with it. Every morning I wake up dry instead of damp, and that is a first. Everybody should sleep on wool bedding. Wool is man's greatest invention. - U Dufusyte, Santa Clara, California USA

Timing was great .... the items came in Jan 4 after the email reply. Everything was intact and looking good. These were birthday presents for my wife and she couldn't wait to receive the doona and pillow. Got home that night and literally tore the bedroom apart cleaning everything. Made the bed up with our new comforter and pillows and was amazed at how cozy and warm everything was. It was the first time my wife did not have lots of extra blankets and an electric pad to keep her feet warm. My wife is pleasantly happy ..... - John Saulie, Spokane, Washington USA

I received the doona (wool quilt) last week. I have been able to use it this last weekend and have found it to be very comfortable. I cannot imagine a down comforter of the same thickness being as warm. The last time I used a down comforter I disliked the bulk, it kept getting in my face and I found it sweaty. I am happy to say the problems are gone. Thank you for your help and prompt response. My neighbour could hardly believe that the "blanket" came from "Down Under" and I had never seen a catalogue. - Dennis Brandenburg, Mountain View, California USA

Yes, I have received my bedding and I love it!! I want to thank everybody who takes part in creating such comfortable and luxurious things. I sleep under my doona even now when we have a heat wave here in Southern California. And it took exactly three weeks for my bedding to arrive here. I also want to thank you, Carol, for care instructions you have given me. I thank you again and look forward to working with you in the future. By the way: can you ship your products to Russia? My friends there keep asking me about it. Anyway, thank you very much and have a great week-end! - Olga Kostiouchina, San Diego, California USA

The blankets (wool quilts) arrived on time and are excellent, thanks for your help and rapid service. - Chris Sanders, Somerset, England

The pillows arrived May 30. Is that fast or what? Thank you so much for the wonderful service. We are sleeping GREAT on the pillows. So far these are the best pillows we have ever slept on. Again, thank you for being so prompt. - Shirley Swindler, Alaska, USA

I just wanted to let you know my wool doona was delivered today. I can't believe it arrived so fast! It looks and feels great. Thanks for your e-mails keeping me posted. Thank you - Catherine Chodack,  New Jersey, USA

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