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Select from our  extensive range of wool bed comforters (quilts, duvets) for your bed and experience the benefits of these environmentally friendly products. No animals or birds are killed during the manufacture of our bed comforters.

A bed comforter has several names around the world - each referring to the same item. Other names for a bed comforter includes quilt, duvet and Continental Quilt.

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Wool Quilt/Comforter for a restful nights sleepWool Comforter, Quilt, Duvet,

Manufactured in Australia, these wool quilts (comforter or duvet) are made from specially processed pure Australian wool and has an outer cover of high quality cotton japara. The wool filling of the comforter is hand laid into the cotton outer cover and channel stitched in a European squares pattern. With the wool being sewn to the outer cotton cover of the comforter means that the wool will not move and so provides a constant overall warmth.

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