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Making & Playing Didgeridoo
Bush Tucker, Bush Art, Bush Life
by David Hudson

Making & Playing Didgeridoo by David Hudson
" . . . the most gifted and innovative didgeridoo player." Sydney Morning Herald

In this video production David Hudson take us to the exotic Cape York in Australia's far north to show us how he selects a tree, and then strips and paints the didgeridoo. He then presents his virtuoso method of playing the didgeridoo, the oldest wind instrument in the world.

Making and Playing Didgeridoo

Filmed on location in Quinkan Country, Cape York, Queensland this video gives an entertaining and informative look at the central part of Australia's Aboriginal culture.

Bush Tucker, Bush Art, Bush Life
David Hudson takes you on a journey to Jowelbinna country on Cape York - the land of the Guguyalangi (his grandmother's people). This is a stunning area full of Ancient Rock Art and Traditional Dreaming Sites.

Join David as he visits these areas, taking a look at traditional implements such as Boomerangs and the Didgeridoo.  He also shows how to make a spear in the method used by his ancestors. Along the way there is some fascinating and delicious Bush Tucker to eat, and a Permaculture Bushfire made in the traditional method of rubbing two sticks together. It's a at life in the oldest living culture in the world.

Available in PAL and NTSC formats.

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