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Unsolicited testimonials sent to us from satisfied customers. Customers whose comments appear below have agreed to their testimonials appearing on this page.

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Just letting you know the (hanging) chairs have arrived and how beaut they are. Just sat in one for 2 hours - talk about totally relaxing especially after a sleepless night with bub. Just gave bub a bottle whilst in chair too. Love em! - Tania Eames, NT, Australia

Yes - thanks. I'm going to have to put a timer on it though - there was still someone sitting in it at 11pm last night and I'm finding it hard to find a time when its not in use! Cheers Kevin. - Kevin McLean, Adelaide, South Australia

Yes, the hanging chairs arrived safely thank you. Only problem now is getting out of them to do the household chores, they're too comfy!! - Alison O'Rourke, NT, Australia

Yes the hanging chair has arrived safely, much to the pleasure of my other half. He now spends lots of time outside at night, after all the kids have gone to bed, in his chair with the two dogs!!! Thank You very much for your product and great service. - Samantha Wilson, NSW, Australia

I received your parcel (hanging chair) yesterday. It's very nice to have good service. It was in good order and works well thankyou. - Andy Eakins, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Many thanks for your excellent service. Much to his surprise Richard got the two seats (hanging chairs) in a giant parcel last week. His mate reckons that there is one problem with them, cos once you get into them they are so comfortable that you don't want to get out! I got my receipt letter last week and must admit your service puts a lot of web sales companies over here to shame!  - Jim Chisholm, Bridgend, England

Yes, the hammock arrived safely. It arrived exactly on the day you said it would and is now hanging between oak trees in my yard. I have big plans for it today as I am on vacation. Thank you very much! I will recommend you to all my friends. - Linda, Massachusetts, USA

The hanging chair - by the way - is brilliant! I had a sauna log cabin built last summer at my summer cottage and I placed it hanging there on the patio. The best thing to do after a sauna is just sitting there and listening to the birds singing around you. - Heidi Michelsson, Vantaa, Uusimaa, Finland

Your chair arrived faster than half the things I ordered off the internet that were shipped from right here in the US. Pretty incredible!!! My sister reports the chair itself is wonderful (they tried it out during a snow storm), very comfortable, just what she wanted, and that the chair dried out from the snow very fast once they brought it back into the house. So everything worked out perfectly and we all remain astounded at the speed of shipping. So thank you very much. You have some really happy customers here!!! - Sherrie Zirkle, Shingle Springs, CA, USA

Thank you so much for your inquiry. The chair did arrive on time. It was a definite hit with my son, and I thank you for your excellent service. - Bill Porter, Kanas City, Kanas, USA

The hanging chair arrived safely yesterday afternoon and so did Stephen, Cassandra and baby Lachlan. They came to collect (the chair) and stayed for dinner. Stephen loved the chair as did the rest of the family who happened to be here last night. And Carol, we all thought the colour is just great. Once again many thanks for your wonderful product and your excellent service. - Myrna Apperly, Melbourne, Australia.

Yes we received your chair and accessories. We are very impressed with your follow-up and prompt delivery. The chair was for our friend's birthday - he loves it and he intends to hang it from his 200 year old oak tree. - Elke Mulgrew and Tricia Hoekwater, California, USA

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