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Benefits of Australian Medical Sheepskins

[Medical Sheepskins]

Australian Medical Sheepskin
Billiard balls show the superior support
of the Australian Medical Sheepskin
compared to an imitation

Australian Medical Sheepskin
Well defined staple and woolpile of
the Australian Medical Sheepskin

Each Australian Medical Sheepskin is manufactured to Australian Standard 4480.1 and has the following benefits for the patient and the carer:

  • Wool On Tanning. The tanning process bonds the wool fibres to the smooth leather backing. This prevents felting and residual "fluff" after washing in the specially formulated shampoo/conditioner.
  • Anti Bacterial Sanitised Impregnated Fibres. This manufacturing process prepares the product against micro-bacteria by thermal disinfection. This acts to prevent undesirable odours.
  • Feel Soft to the Bare Skin. The fleece will not irritate or rub against the skin because of residual lanolin in the woolfibres and reconditioning by the shampoo.
  • Body Support and Form Cushion. The millions of natural springy resilient fibres form a cushion under the body. These fibres do not flatten like man-made fibre blankets. This prevents the formation of bed sores and boils.
  • Thick, Even, Supportive Fibres. This allows you to turn and change a position easily when resting on the natural fibres. It prevents pressure points, and creates "give" to ensure easy movements.
  • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer. The breathing fibre surface allows gentle continual air movement, while preserving body temperature.
  • Keeps You Fresh and Dry. Wool fibres absorb up to 34% of its own weight in moisture. Even when damp, the fibres continue to keep you fresh and dry.
  • A Recognised Medical Product. The branded green cross on the back of your Australian Medical Sheepskin ensures you have the genuine Medical Sheepskin blanket with its benefits according to Australian Standard 4480.1.
  • Wash and Use Technology. The high temperature (up to 80 degrees C - 176 degrees F) washing and drying temperature allows you to wash and use your product the same day. This is guaranteed under the Australian Standard 4480.1 branded green cross on the back of your Medical Sheepskin.
  • Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Use.

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