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Advantages of Merino Skins Unisex
Wool Sports Thermal Underwear

Merino Skins Sports Thermal Underwear

Body Temperature Regulation
The key to greater performance is keeping the body's temperature at it's optimum comfort level.  Merino Skins constantly monitor the body's temperature and moisture levels, and naturally adjust body temperature to maintain the optimum level of comfort.

The Merino Skins Edge
Merino Skins provide the power to keep you going.  To keep the body's muscles working at full capacity during activity, the body's temperature must not rise excessively.  Merino Skins are highly efficient in body cooling during strenuous activity.  At the same time they protect the body from the outer cold environment, keeping you miles ahead.  It's the natural performance enhancer. 

Merino Skins Natural Woollen Performance Thermal Underwear vs Synthetics
Wool Thermal UnderwearThe heat sensitive photo on the left illustrates the power of Merino Skins to keep your body cool when the going gets hot. The much greater red/yellow area on the back of the 100% synthetic wearer shows that Merino Skins wool thermal underwear are at least 2 degrees C cooler - a real performance edge.

Unlike petrochemical based synthetic underwear, natural Merino Skins woollen underwear's key feature is its ability to regulate the body's optimum comfort level - never too hot, never too cold.

How? The key is moisture and temperature control. Conventional synthetic underwear is manufactured from chemical based fibres or plastics which have very limited ability to breathe or to absorb moisture. While they can "wick" or move moisture away from the body they merely transfer that moisture to the outside of the garment creating a wet sweaty, unhealthy environment which becomes unbearably cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

This is where Merino Skins woollen underwear is different - Merino Skins will "wick" moisture away from the body (up to 27% more moisture than any comparable synthetic) - and because of Merino Skins natural breathability, it will evaporate that moisture quickly, leaving your body drier and more comfortable in all types conditions. Cool in summer, warm in winter and it is 100% natural and organic.

Odour Free
Merino Skins do not retain offensive odours (unlike all synthetics).  Perspiration is evaporated thereby eliminating the breeding ground for odour causing bacteria.

Static Free
The polarity in Merino Skins is in harmony with the body's natural electrical field (unlike synthetics) therefore your body will stay static free.  

Flame Resistant
Natural wool is an excellent flame-resisting fibre (unlike synthetics which will incinerate, combust and melt on impact with any naked flame).  Sitting around the campfire, you can feel protected and be happy knowing that your natural Merino Skins wool underwear will protect you from any stray sparks.

High Level of UV protection
Wearing Merino Skins outdoors significantly increases the level of protection against UV rays when compared with other underwear.

Easy to Launder and Quick Drying
Merino Skins wool thermal underwear can be washed in a washing machine and will dry very quickly.  These garments require no special handling.

Merino Skins Sports Underwear has customers in: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA (including Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, England, Ireland, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Martinique and more........

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