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Unsolicited testimonials sent to us from satisfied customers. Customers whose comments appear below have agreed to their testimonials appearing on this page.

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The polos (shirts) arrived safely and are beautiful. I have already worn them to work. This is but another purchase that I have made from you that I am completely satisfied with. Thank you so much. - Amy Pille, Eureka, Missouri, USA

Two magnificent T-shirts (and one very nice coaster, to help one appreciate dry land) received. Many thanks for another perfect order. - Niall Oreagain, San Diego, California, USA

Yes, my sweatshirt arrived several days ago and I am very pleased with it. The quality is as good as I hoped it would be. The last time I bought Australian clothing I had to fly 12,000 miles to Cairns! Now I can do it from the comfort of my computer. Mind you I would still like to be in Sunny Queensland. - Wayne Rice, Wymondham, England, UK

The T-Shirts are wonderful; as good as they look on the site if not better. The quality is wonderful too. I'm sure that all our relatives will love them, and that you product will be proudly worn throughout Germany and Austria. Kind regards - Jenny Schulz, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Yes they did...they're great. They actually fit well unlike most t-shirts. Thanks - James, Kenmore, Queensland, Australia.

We received the shirts yesterday as you predicted, and they are even more beautiful than I imagined. We plan to order more stuff. Thanks so much. - Lucy Meinhardt, Antioch, California, USA

The shipment was delivered yesterday. Loved the shirts. I am very impressed with your customer service. You have been following the order from the beginning till the end. I really enjoyed the personal touch that you put into your business. - Annette Slot, Brussels, Belgium

I got my totally incredible (rugby) top all the way from Australia, and I just love it. The artwork is beautiful, and the quality is excellent. Thank you so much, and I hope to add to my collection in the future. - Martie Maires, Idaho, USA

Yes actually, I got it (Australian Flag T-shirt) on Wednesday last week (so Thursday for you guys). It's great I love it (and I will remember to have an Australian shirt for every trip overseas). Australia Post is great like that, but to send something from Canada to Australia it's normal for it to take twice as long. Anyways, thanks. - Peter Johnson, British Columbia, Canada

It has not only arrived, but I have already worn it (rope rugby top) many times and have laundered it twice. I can't tell you exactly when it arrived, but I was surprised it arrived so quickly. I love it. My sister-in-law bought hers when she was in Australia. I loved hers and we went on line to see if we could find it, and there you were. Many thanks. - Nancy Gennet, California, USA

The shirts are great and fit well. The boys love em! They are a big hit at school because not only are they croc shirts but they are really from Australia! Wow! How cool is that?! They don't want to cut off the tags because they say "Made in Australia" - Mike Craighead, Colorado, USA

Not only has the dive shirt arrived, but Daniel likes this one best, and almost bought it in Australia! Thanks again!  - Marcy Prager, Massachusetts, USA

Hello back! Having a bit of a computer glitch but glad to let you know that they are fabulous! The fit is exactly right. Thank you for the beautiful coaster - it has a place of honour in my living room. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service you provide and most of all for making such nice products available to us customers not fortunate enough to make it down your way! - Leslie Lutz, Yorba Linda, California, USA

I just thought you would like to know that the 2 shirts and hat arrived yesterday in the morning mail.That's a fast delivery from Australia. As in the last order, the shirts and hat are great. Thanks - Walter Penkalski, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Thank you for your concern-- it came a week+ ago.  I have already worn it to the golf course (and put it thru the washing machine).  I just love both shirts.  You made the process of ordering from so far away very comfortable.  Hope all your other customers are as satisfied and happy.  Thank you. - Mary Jo Poston, Winter Park, Florida, USA

I got my latest order of two t-shirts on Saturday and they are just wonderful........ - Judy Graham, Columbus, Kansas, USA

I received my Australia t-shirt over a week ago, and I absolutely love it. The fit is perfect too. I appreciate your keeping me posted on the arrival of my t-shirt and your checking to see if I received it. - Christine St John, Houston, Texas, USA

Yes thanks, it arrived last week. I washed it, and was able to wear over the weekend. Fits great, nice quality fabric. Very pleased! Thank you. - Cory Crowell, San Diego, California, USA

Yes, the package arrived and both the t-shirt and cap were terrific. The birthday party was last Sunday and he was thrilled with the items. In fact, he had the cap on during the party. I want to commend you on the quality of your items. The t-shirt was wonderful - material was super as was the printing. - Linda Nemer, Norton, Ohio, USA

We got the t-shirts. I have gotten several compliments on my Exton t-shirts from people I don't even know! I have been spreading to my friends. - Phillip Morrison, North Carolina, USA

Thanks again for the (forty five) shirts, everybody loved them. I had the event printed on the back and they looked great. The event went wonderfully, everybody had a great time and all the guys in the shirts really made it special. Thanks again for all your help and hopefully we'll do business again soon. - Chris Irish, Florida, USA

Yes the T-shirts have arrived. I'm very pleased with them. Fit as if they were made for me and I've been in your Homepage to see what I can order next time. - Manfred Forschges, North Rhine, Westfalia, Germany

I am very pleased with the quality of the T-shirts. Thank you very much! Excellent service and terrific job! Jose Torres, New Jersey, USA

I never expected it to arrive as quickly as it did. I was even happier when I opened it to see such nice t-shirts. They are beautiful - just as pictured - and they are top quality - excellent value for the price! Maxine Gottlieb, New Jersey, USA

Just wanted to let you know .... I received the two "Australia Flag" t-shirts I ordered through your website and am thrilled with them! They arrived more quickly than I had anticipated which allowed me to wear one to work last Friday in honor of your FANTASTIC Olympics! and also in support of my best Aussie mates who live in Canberra. Again, many thanks! Jan Engels, Los Angeles, California, USA

The three sweatshirts, the free kangaroo t-shirt, and the literature all arrived today in great condition. That was only one week and that is really fast service. As always, the merchandise, the hospitality, and your kindness are all first class and I am so pleased to do business with you and to establish our new friendship. I will be chatting with you very soon. Thank you so much. Mike Mckay, Bloomington, Illinois, USA

Your t-shirts arrived in perfect shape and I'm very, VERY pleased with them! Understatement: Thrilled is the better word :) The bonus shirt is a hit. All shirts are in excellent quality and the design is unique - expectations completely fulfilled. David Moreno, Remscheld, Germany

Yes I received the t-shirt! It's terrific! Just what I was looking for. Thanks so much. Leigh Dickson, Clifton Park, New York, USA

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your site's excellent service in handling my order. My husband and I have been to Australia several times and he enjoyed receiving the t-shirt as a gift. I look forward to placing orders with you in the future and wish your business success. Jane Eisinger, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

My shirts arrived safely this morning (along with the key ring for which many thanks!). I'm still amazed that in about 30 days I've been able, with a good deal of help from yourself, to find a source for a duplicate of a T-shirt bought 13,000 miles from home probably 4 or 5 years ago and get it delivered to my door. Someone else is going to be very pleased!! Thanks very much for all your help. As I said in one of my earlier messages, I think your service has been absolutely superb and I wish you continued success in the future. Richard Cadle, Middlesex, UK

We are soooo excited!! We just got our t-shirts. They are beautiful! We put them on immediately. We are all trying to look at everything at one time. Thank you so much. I will be sure and have your information at out table for everyone to look at. You have some beautiful shirts. We look forward to ordering more!! Jo Carr, Columbia, Mississippi, USA

Just to let you know my order has arrived safely. I am very pleased with the quality of the shirts, something you really have to take on trust when shopping by browser. Also a special thanks for the extra shirt, that was a pleasant surprise! Gordon Michael, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Yes the T-shirts have arrived and everyone loves them. The gift shirt is especially nice. I will send a photo when the kids get back from camp. My wife Therese has gotten a lot of questions about them at the homeschool camp she runs, so she will want to talk with you. Peter Calvert, Princeton, Massachusetts, USA

The shirt arrive safely several weeks ago, I'm very pleased. Thanks so much for taking the time to to make sure everything went so smoothly.  John Sears, Laurel, Maryland, USA

I just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today! I am absolutely delighted with them. They are even more awesome than the pictures -- the artwork is just incredible. I'm wearing "jumping croc" right now! Thank you so muchfor these beautiful shirts. Quinn Weller, Bloomington, Indianna, USA

I received my t-shirts today. Wow, that was fast! They are both beautiful! Especially the Bulurru design - the colors are so bright & cheery - that didn't show up as well on the computer. Looks much better in person! And the koala drink coaster is great - thanks for the free gift. Roberta Glaser, Los Angeles, California, USA

The T-shirt did indeed arrive safely and it's fantastic! The colors and pattern are just as good as they appeared on your website so I'm very satisfied. Bulurru makes great shirts; I still have two of their T-shirts from a trip I made "down under" five years ago and they're still in great shape! Thanks again. I believe I'll be ordering from your site in the near future. Dan Shea, Hampton, New Jersey, USA

" The Spirit of the Land" T-shirt came on Monday. It is just what I imagined it to be. I especially like the textured fabric and the design blend. The art is lovely and I am sure I will wear it for many years to come. Thank you for your personal care in sending the T-shirt gift wrapped. Added to my delght was the coaster. Many thanks again. Debby Prohais, San Gabriel, California, USA

Just to let you know the package arrived. Thank you very much for your attention to detail. It is really refreshing in these days and times to see a business takes the time for EXCELLENT customer relations. Also to let you know, I am VERY impressed. Jerry Van Buskirk, Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Thank you very much. She loved it. The shirt arrived on Monday the 28th and it looks great. Your service was splendid as is your merchandise. Thank you again. Brian Starbuck, Colorado, USA

Yes, I did receive them. They are wonderful and I have been very satisfied with my orders. Thank you for being so prompt in your delivery as well as for all your help. If any new additions come your way please send me any new catalogues. Once again thank you! Karean Chapman, California, USA

I have indeed received it and liked it very much. In fact it's more beautiful than I had imagined. Congratulations for the efficiency. Soon I'll be buying some others! Francisco Abreu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I loved all my t-shirts that I received from you. They are made from good quality fabric. The ones with the Aboriginal artwork on them are especially nice. Fayvette Switzer, Florida, USA

Yes. The t-shirts have arrived. They are very, very nice. Thank you. -  Joao Andre and Juciqueli Bordin Lucena Borges, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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