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 Mattress Pad, Mattress Protector,
Underblanket or Underlay,

A wool mattress pad (mattress protector, underblanket or underlay) will add that extra dimension of comfort to your bed for a more restful nights sleep. Our wool mattress pads are environmentally friendly as they are made from all natural materials that does not involve the killing of any bird or animal during manufacture. 

This product is known in different parts of the world as a mattress pad, mattress protector, underblanket or underlay. 

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Wool Mattress Pad for a restful nights sleep

Specialty UnderblanketManufactured in Australia, these Specialty Gold Edition Wool Underblankets  (sometimes called mattress pads, mattress protectors, underblankets or underlays) have a tufted wool upper surface with the lower surface being made from a quality cotton japara. The pocket between the upper wool surface and lower cotton surface is filled with pure new wool thus making a thick comfortable pad on which to lie. Each mattress pad has fully fiited skirt to secure it to the mattress and to keep it wrinkle free. Wool is wonderful to sleep on in summer and winter and these mattress pads are ideal for everyone, especially those with back problems or rheumatism.

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