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Advantages of Wool Bedding

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Wool quilt, comforter, doona, duvet, pillowsWool is Superior
Wool filled pillows, wool quilts (comforter, duvet) and wool underblankets (underlays) gives you that comfortable feeling unsurpassed by other bedding materials, has superior insulation, resists fire, is chemical free and has a long life. Bedding made from pure wool fill does not lose its shape, will not go lumpy or shift about in the cotton cover.

Doctors have written in Medical Journals that their studies indicate that people who sleep with wool get a longer more restful sleep - approximately 15% longer deep sleep period.

Wool is Resilient
Wool fill is so resilient that in scientific tests it consistently outperformed synthetic fibres. Wool recovers 95% of its original shape when compressed whereas synthetic substitutes recover only 67% to 79%. No matter how much pure wool is crushed, twisted or pulled it always springs back to its original shape. No more will you have flat lumpy bedding like you get with some other filling materials.

Wool is Comfortable
The three dimensional structure of wool (which has not been able to be duplicated by scientists) creates millions of air pockets to trap warmth. This unique cellular arrangement not only gives wool its great insulating properties but also allows it to absorb body moisture and diffuse it to atmosphere. Compared to synthetics, which can only absorb moisture up to 4% of its weight, wool can absorb up to 30% without feeling damp or clammy making your bedding much more comfortable to sleep in.

Wool is Fire Resistant
Wool bedding is the safest choice for home, hospitals, hotels, schools and other institutional places. Because of its unique structure and natural moisture content, wool is difficult to ignite. It merely chars and will not flare up. It does not melt so when forced to ignite it does not cling to your skin and cause serious hot melt burns.

Wool is Environmentally Friendly
Wool fibres require no factory or chemicals to produce and it is self replenishing. Unlike other fillings, such as duck-down or feathers, wool filling does not require animals to be killed to produce these products. A wool blanket lasts for decades and when it finally has to be discarded you can recycle it naturally by returning it to the earth.

Wool is Best Value for Money
Wool products can last for 15, 20, 30 years and more when properly cared for. Initially wool may cost more than a synthetic substitute but in the long run wool offers you the lowest cost and best comfort for your bedding. Wool products out-perform and out-wear all other fabrics used for bedding.

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