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Wool Thermal Underwear
Keeps you warm when it's cold

Ladies wool thermal underwear
Mens Wool thermal underwear
Ladies wool thermal underwear
Mens wool thermal underwear

A range of stylish 100% pure new wool thermal underwear (Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins) manufactured by Australia's leading thermal underwear specialist. Thermo Fleece is for normal wear in cold climates and Merino Skins is a range of performance sports wool underwear. Ladies, men's and children's sizes are available and this wool thermal underwear is guaranteed to keep you warm on those cold winter days. These wool garments can be machine washed and are itch free.

Stay Warm When It's Cold

  • Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins fine merino wool thermal underwear is the ideal way to stay warm and comfortable in cold climates.
  • The unique thermal function of wool allows your skin to breathe without overheating or becoming sticky.
  • Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins wool thermal underwear traps your own body heat whilst drawing away body moisture from your skin to keep you perfectly dry.
  • Wool can absorb a staggering 33% of moisture without feeling damp.

Comfortable To Wear

  • Each Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins thermal underwear garment is double knitted, without side seams, machine washable and pre-shrunk.
  • The super fine merino wool is specially treated to provide super soft non-prickle properties - you will find it is very easy to wear, and it will not shrink.
  • Its exceptionally light in weight so that you hardly know you are wearing it - it allows perfect freedom for any activity.
  • The fine stretchy interlock knit provides unrestricted movement so that it is ideal for sports people, musicians and other active people, while at the same time being ideal for people who lead a quieter lifestyle.

Easy To Look After

  • Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins garments do not lose their shape and the silky smooth wool will not pill.
  • When worn under your normal clothing this underwear will provide a layering effect to beat the cold, but you will not feel as though you are wearing too much weight.
  • We highly recommend Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins undergarments to anyone who needs to be fully active in the harshest of conditions, or simply wishes to cheat the cold by wearing a light effective insulating layer.

Australia's Leading Brand

  • Thermo Fleece and Merino Skins are Australia's leading brand for superior wool thermal underwear and carries the Woolmark endorsement for quality guarantee.
  • It's proudly made in Australia to the most exacting standards.
  • A Thermo Fleece or Merino Skin garment is your guarantee of unsurpassed luxury, comfort and warmth without compromise ....... naturally.
  • All garments are manufactured "in-house" beginning with the raw yarn to the packaged product to ensure strict quality control right through the manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturer of Thermofleece and Merino Skins is Australia's leading thermal underwear specialist and has been in business for over 20 years.

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Wool Thermal Underwear - Mens

Wool Thermal Underwear - Ladies

Wool Thermal Underwear - Childrens

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